February 18th, 2010

Change is kinda curly

To Those in the Know

No one's talked about it because I think no one wants to think about it. But I'm in an airport with my band and my twins, about to go on tour and I have to talk about it or be stuck in the nightmares.

Morrissey's Glen was horrible. The angel woman...Hallowran? Se was a judge and an angel anda medium so she managed to not only steal the spirits of the pious dead and shove them into people's bodies (making yet more angels) she convinced these people they were messengers of God.


There was nothing to fight really. The town was full of monsters and nightmares, but it was all visions. I saw... Well, I saw what happened to me in Paris. Everyone saw what they most fear. And we were practically incapacitated until Lavannah and Matt saved our arses by exorcising the shit out of the place. Which means Morrissey's Glen is no longer a threat. Everyone and everything is fine.

But I relived that place, and if my darling friend Jinx hadn't been there for me last night, I probably would still be lost to those nightmares.

Moving on. Tour. The shows start on the 20th, which is awesome. There's an in-store before that which is greaat because I get to meet people. And I have my Big Brother here. Who....I probably need to fill in about Madam Butterfly's actually.


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