January 18th, 2010

Unsure of you

Filtered to Joanne

Hi, Sweetie. I'm going to Disneyland today whooooooooo! How are you?

I was just writing to catch up. To see how you are. You seem happy in Dublin, and I think that's awesome. I wanted to know if you wanted the house there. My mother gave it to me as a present, but the only time I have ever used it was when we toured in Dublin (and it was nice to see you then!) and other than that, it's just been there as your place. Renee is still on the deed (It was in my name as well as Renee's and Kait's) and I think I'll leave her on there, but if you'd like me to add you or replace my name with yours, I can do that.

What I'm basically saying, is that if you want to stay there, for however long, you're free to. If you want to come back, let me know. Your room is still yours. If you're happier in Dublin, I'll see to it that what's left of your things gets sent to you, and the room goes to a good person.

I really hope you're well.
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Quinny's Hat

To Those in the Know

There's a room opening up at Victoria Lane. The lovely Joanne is visiting soon and when she does, she'll be taking the rest of her things with her to Dublin.

If anyone's so inclined and wants to take it, let me know. Just...be aware. Lots of BBs.

I would have opened it to all my peepies, but it's better, I think, if the person living in Vic Lane is in the know. We are a bit supernatural-heavy!!

LOVE YOU BBS! I'll bring you shiz from DISNEYLANDS!
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