January 9th, 2010

Vampire D

To Those in the Know

A woman came to see me today. Her name is Juliette. Juliette Kempf (she says the name is from a long time ago). She was in Paris. She's a demon, though she's the least demony demon I've ever met. It's weird... Not in a bad way! Anyway, she was in the hospital for a while and since then she's kind of been floating around. Apparently before that she lived in Vienna, but she was too afraid to go back in case they found her again. She's remembered by name and came to find me because it's cold and she couldn't find a shelter. Which is why I am guessing she isn't a KEMPF Kempf. Because you know. They had the MONEY. I'm going to bring her in to the Hospital so she can stay there (no room here, really) BUT...she really is a sweetie. And I'd be able to read if she had any sort of bad intentions. She's just...so docile.

She says she used to work as a nanny in Vienna. I was thinking...if I could get some reports on her work there, maybe I could use her when touring. Because fuck, I could use a nanny! Is this cool with you, Band Peoples?!
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