July 27th, 2009

Fairy Grove

Harker's Journey #2

Ich bin ein Berliner! AHHAHAHAHA okay it's cliche, but whatever. Ich liebe Berlin! The show is soon and of course I'm frigging around on my iPhone because I can't help move anything because I'm pregnant. Oh yes. For it is truth.


My girlfriend Kaitie is here with us and it's been a blast! Highlights so far include Spectre's tribute to Michael Jackson where the band joined with the guitarist from Stockholm Syndrome to play Jackson's Beat It. It was incredible, and I hope you caught it! If not, head on over to in_spectre_mors or check it on YouTube.

We're having our fun, as always. So far no knickers have been stolen. I'll keep you posted, Rockstars.

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Stay tuned for more!