December 18th, 2008

Sweet, Glossy Gorgeous

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It's ready, Loves. I have 6 songs up for download on my management's website here

You add the songs to your shopping cart, and when checking out, you get to choose your own amount in the little box. You can leave the total at 0 if you want to, as everyone has a right to music. Any proceeds raised will be matched by me and donated to the families of Iris, Delford and Keystown.

This isn't me breaking out on my own, and this isn't something I plan to pursue. It just felt like something I should do. All non-profit and legal-like.

~Song List~

1. The Power of One (Vocals-Deirdre Rose, Piano-Bertolt Liedermann)
2. Springs Eternal (Vocals-Deirdre Rose, Flutes-Deirdre Rose, Piano-Bertolt Liedermann)
3. Autumnsong (Vocals-Deirdre Rose and Malachy Flynn, Acoustic Guitar-Malachy Flynn)
4. Dishonest (Vocals-Deirdre Rose, Piano-Bertolt Liedermann)
5. Grounded (Flutes-Deirdre Rose, Vocal credit goes to someone who wished to remain nameless...)
6. Geordie's Song (Vocals-Deirdre Rose, Guitars-Malachy Flynn, Keyboard-Bertolt Liedermann)
7. My Solace (Vocals, piano and flute by Deirdre Rose)

All lyrics written by myself (which is why they're a little on the simple side) with the exception of 3 and 5 which were partly written by Quinn Wakefield. All songs were mixed by the magnificent DJ Crowley.

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