December 11th, 2008

Dance the Ghost with Me

A pimp, some hope, and photos

Check it out, Chickadees. Her name's Adrina and she's amazing. Recommended by Spectre himself, as you'll see in his recent blog entry. And she's recommended by me too!

It's been a rough time for everyone here around London. I've been working on a little something of my own (sEkRiTly!) and now I've enlisted the help of Bertolt Leidermann. It's not going to be an actual release. Just something that'll be available for download for a donation (if you can spare it) when it's done. All proceeds to the families who lost people in Delford and Iris and at Fort Haven. It's a message of hope. And it's my hope that it reaches people.

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That's all for today. I'm going back to recording.