November 9th, 2008

Smiling like heaven's down on Earth

Filtered to Vic Lane

Heya, Guys. We have one room vacant and Aly and David's cousin Isabella needs a place to stay. What do you say, hmm? Can she move in? I just wanted to check with all of you.

She's...not really in the know. But Aly says she's been seeing ghosts so she's going to try to explain it. I don't so much want people living with me who don't know, just because when they eventually find out, I really dislike hearing, "I'VE BEEN LIVING WITH A DEMON OMG OMG OMG *FLAIL*" as if I'm some sort of plague or something even though up until then they enjoyed the free food and roof and had no problem with me at all. /bitter.

Anyway, Isabella is wonderful and friendly and really fun. I think she'd fit in well.
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