November 8th, 2008

All the world is waiting for the sun

Friends Only


So I had my birthday dinner with my mam, right? And she felt bad because she forgot my birthday blahblahblah and last year she got me a car so jokingly I said she should get me a pony this year and then I called her back later and told her not to because I don't have enough time for a pony so she got me a vacation house in Dublin because 'this will mean I have a place to take time off'.

Uhm. So now apparently I have more real estate. I AM TWENTY YEARS OLD, HOW DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?!?! (Technically I know how it happened. Blackmail, death of Shawn, death of Dorian who left me THREE places two of which I sold and one which Kat and co live in, and birthday. But still WTF...)

Not that I am not grateful. I love that I can go home now any time I want to :) I've been wanting to see Meaghan and Eion again!

And Renee and Kait, I put you on the deed too. And you know...anyone's welcome to use it.

My life is so weird.
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