June 29th, 2008

Forgive everyone, Theatre Sit

To Those in the Know

I went to see my dad. He's getting better. He remembered I have two girlfriends. He remembered their names, and he asked about them. He asked about the bands and the theatre. He came to all the concerts, and he comes to the theatre a lot, I just avoided him. He said he doesn't blame me. Which...wow. Because Liam Gallagher actually accepting responsibility? Big.

The things I told him really upset him. I told him about Paris and the auction. He said he was at the EF gig and he didn't know I'd been taken from there and it hurt. I told him that Peter and Jude and Alexei and Stephie and Josie had come for me. He said he wished he could have too. I told him about the baby and he was so angry. Not at me... I told him terrible things and he cared.

I remember after I slept with Michael and then he was mad because I didn't want a relationship, I came home sobbing and I told Liam I was upset (he asked why I was making a racket) and he told me to go drink some tea and grow up. No sympathy. Nothing. He didn't even make the damn tea.

Today he made me tea and he cared. I like this Liam more.
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