June 23rd, 2008

Lean on me

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ZOMG Phone service...

HAI GUYZ! We're all alive. EVEN THOUGH SOME OF US SHOULDN'T be, but that's...SO not my thing to explain...not that I can. Anyway...we didn't even SEE the demons. Peter did. They had him for like a week and they fucked with him, but not nearly as bad as the Templar did. He keeps swatting people and whining, "I'm fine don't touch meeeee!" and eating everything in sight 'cause I think they gave him like a piece of bread all week and then when we escaped to the village, they were pissed the fuck off (Wrath of the Vampires and woe woe woe) so they gave us shit all, though they did patch us up.

We have a few werewolves with us. They were kept by the demons and they attacked us. I would like to point out that we did not rescue Peter and his angel. Peter did. They broke out. He's a fuckin' genius, I swear to fuck. He said they had the plan but when he heard the howling he knew it was time to run so they did a thing. When the wolves saw us leaving, some came with us. Others...well...CERTAIN demons apparently didn't want to listen to Peter when he said "DON'T HURT THEM THEY'RE WEREWOLVES" and while Aleto has an excuse (not speaking English) Felicity is just a stupid cunt.

Or so says Deirdre. I do not like her. I was a model too, ho. And I didn't complain when things got rough.

Uhm...anyway...we'll be home tomorrow because that's the soonest flight out of here. The demons will need dealing with later, though Peter had a chat with the Dumitra family and while some of them are wankers (Razvan) not all of them are useless. I told him he's not allowed to deal with them himself now because he's not immortal anymore.

And Thomas? Peter is over the moon and he can't wait to see you :) He flipped out when he realised he could have died, but eh, it happens. At least he didn't actually die! FOR ONCE! :D
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Dying Soul


Oh, Flynn.

Thank you thank you thank you for being YOU again.

I know it in no way means he's all the way better, but it's something.
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