March 26th, 2008

I'm not a prize that you can claim

Deirdre Rose is speaking out. Public Post.

Hi there, Rockstars.

It appears a dear friend of mine, and Spectre's boyfriend, is appearing on gossip magazines all over London today. And while the norm, in an event like this, is to remain tight-lipped about it...My lips have never been tight, ask anyone.

Tabloids can be fun. I mean, who doesn't think the idea of a man giving birth to six bat babies with shoddily photoshopped 'photo evidence' as proof, is hilarious. I know I do. But tabloids can be hurtful too. So you just listen to Deirdre Rose.

In the case of Mr Ashley Bigglesby, the 'attack' he was arrested for was not unprovoked. That doesn't mean it was right, but it wasn't random, and it wasn't even an attack. Nor was Ash charged, he was in fact, released. He is not still in jail and he is not headed for prison. He paid a fine for causing a scene and that was it. Nothing more. I have known Ashley Bigglesby longer than Spectre has, and he's always been one of my closest friends, and one of the kindest and most loving people I know. I'd vouch for him any time.

The fight wasn't because Spectre and Ash are having relationship troubles!! They're in love. There are no relationship troubles. And Spectre certainly has not been kissing women! Wishful thinking, Miss Naomi Wolfe? Sorry, no Spectre for you.

And I know you all are too smart to believe to believe tabloid trash anyway, right? But I had to set things straight in case word might spread to those who might believe everything they read.