March 2nd, 2008

Dance the Ghost with Me

Filtered to Flynn

I know you're thinking of other things, but I wanted you to know Fable and Hamish are staying at my house tonight. They needed a place. They're offering help, and Hamish was all...burny because he saved these people in a pub or something.

Anyway. They're still around.

Tell Quinn good luck and I love him, okay? I'm sure he'll be alright.
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My Sea is deeper than your lake

Friends Only

I get to do wonderful things like benefit concerts and stuff like that that make me proud to be who I am. Which means that I can't just disappear like I wanted to. I can't just slip away because if I did, then I couldn't do the good things and yeah...they're things worth doing.

So I won't fade away. And I'll sing my heart out at this benefit concert, and I'll be up there with my friends, supporting London with all I have.

I'm not ready for a public post. Not ready to be Webmistress Deirdre again yet. Maybe tomorrow because I have pictures waiting. I'll get there.

So. Movies at Victoria Lane soon? And Deirdre food. I feel the need for a love-in.
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