January 11th, 2008

I don't know if I am real without you

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This has been an indescribable two days. That is all there is.

To everyone who reads my journal. Absolutely all of you. To my girls, and my loved ones. My family and friends I have held dear for so long and the friends who read this whom I have yet to meet though you'd BEST introduce yourself after a show next tour (and Dean from the coffee shop, you are my saviour!).

I appreciate you.

I just feel it needed to be said. A very special girl died yesterday. I went to a funeral for another one today. And I don't know if they knew how much I appreciated them. So I am telling you. The support you give me. The messages you send, whether they're kisses from my girls, letters from a fan, a friend holding my hand...they reach me. They really do.

Thank you.
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Quasi Evil

Filtered to Spectre


Spectre. Greg Horne is fine now, but he tried to kill himself tonight by taking a cocktail of everything from anti-depressants to Flintstone's vitamins with whiskey.

Guess who saved his life?


She rang me. I know. I know. She's a fucking ghost, Spectre. Of COURSE she is, she practically had 'I'm a Spooky Kid, ask me how' tattooed on her forehead. And then I had to soul-suck Greg to make him vomit which just EW OKAY!


And I told Greg if he pulls that again, I'll break all his bones. He did this O_O....!! So I might have convinced him... You should like...make him your personal security guard or something. He loves you.
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