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Feast your eyes, BB!

A friend's mother is okay today, so today is a good day. Yes, yes it is. And yesterday I had a picnic in the park with my girls and my friend and we laughed. And it felt so good. So my friends from far and wide, I share with you.

My mother is a photographer and she found this place...she just HAD to take pictures there.

Abandoned theme parks bringing back memories for any Mancs, hmm?

The sun loves me.

Ahhahhaha! Yes you can mock...

This is called PHOTOSHOPPED. I can has no freckles?

My Mam heard I went to Romania and she dressed me in this...

And this...

I look quite pleased with myself there...

And a picture of one of my closest friends, clearly indicating that he thinks I am insane. And, Peter, it's okay, I know I am!!!
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