December 18th, 2007

Dance the Ghost with Me

Filtered to Ry

Ry. I know you might not want to hear from me, but even if you don't remember, the truth is that before you got attacked by my now very burned bookcase, you and I were getting closer. We were confiding in each other because I helped you get a job at my theatre and we worked closely together. And other reasons I don't need to go in to. But you opened up to me about stuff, and I did the same.

Stephie's here. She went through something terrible the other day. Have you tried to speak to her? It a good idea? Even just a "Glad you're okay" would be something. Show you're trying. Which I believe you are, but just because you know that, doesn't mean other people do. I believe that this is hard for you. One of my friends had a brain tumour and he forgot so much. And it was terrible for him. As terrible for him as it was for everyone around him. But we can't know how you are unless you tell us.

You can tell me if you want. I keep secrets. Sometimes unfortunately. And what do you have to lose by telling me, because at this point, we're not close. Telling me how you feel isn't going to damage something integral to our relationship because we don't necessarily have one again yet. And I want to help. All I want to do is help. And not just because I care about Stephie. I care about you too, whether you believe that or not.

Either way...all any of us can do is try.
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