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Deirdre Ionúin Gallagher

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November 18th, 2007

(no subject) [Nov. 18th, 2007|05:59 pm]
Deirdre Ionúin Gallagher
[Current Mood |hyperhyper]

Spectre's band!! That I'm in!! LOOKIE!

We leave tomorrow, so I won't be around much. David, Renee and Morgana are in charge of the theatre. They're brilliant so if you have questions, ask them. I have to read through lecture notes ONLINE and submit assignments via email. That will be interesting! I am taking my lovely laptop (Manfred) with me in order to accomplish this. AND I have my Blackberry (Fredman) so I'll still be in touch and everything. Not ALL the time, but I'll share them too. The band will be around. And I'll keep up with the picture posts like last time! Maybe not everyday as it's full on!

SO EXCITED!!! I love the band. It's wonderful.

All of you take care now. I have a date to go on with my two hottiehothot girlfriends.

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