October 20th, 2007

Dance the Ghost with Me

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Flying to Paris tomorrow with Steph for a few days. Don't know how long SHE will stay, but I can only take a few days off (DAMN you school and job and bands and stuff...)

Today? I am spending the ENTIRE day locked in the catwalks and storage spaces of my theatre, making sure EVERY piece of lighting and sound equipment is safe and up to date. I see one frayed wire, the fucking thing is going in the bin. I have to have the crew with me in case a light we're using has to be replaced. Opening night is not GENERALLY the night to be replacing, re-focusing and re-geling lights, but you know what? I don't FUCKING care. I'm not taking any chances. I invited the fire...people?...to come inspect as well. I want to make sure our exits and signage and everything are up to code. They're getting a free show too tonight 'cause dammit, they SHOULD.

What happened on Thursday is NEVER going to happen in my goddamned theatre. No fucking way.

My birthday is in nine days. And yet again, so much shite has happened around it that I can't even look forward to it.
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