October 16th, 2007

Dance the Ghost with Me

Filtered to Spectre

Spectre, you want me to come with you to see that guy Timothy today? I just...you know...he seemed lovely, but he IS a stranger and you're going to his GARAGE and..yes...you want a demon watchdog? I promise to be quiet, I have a hangover.
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Sexy Icon of Doom

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I got SO fucking drunk last night it's not even SLIGHTLY amusing. Aoouuggghhhhsss. But I managed my lectures okay. No sickiness, just head...pounding. So much pounding. Made abnormal psych interesting! And I shouldn't go in to the hospital. I'll go tomorrow! Hangovers=baaaadddddd.

Nora is coming down to London to stay here until baby Moira is born! And then Mam and Finian will have their baby! I think Aunt Marilyn is driving Mam nuts because she wants to be in nesty mode and Marilyn is just...always there. Poor mam.

I should call her.
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