October 9th, 2007


Filtered to Tamm, Spectre, Steph, Renee, Kait, Pierre, Ry, Abby, and Evey

13th is coming up on Saturday. Can't stand to be touched and it's a BAD TIME FOR IT because now is a 'hi, I need comfort' time for...god. Everyone.

I can't believe it was a year ago. God I was so stupid. look and more I was supposed to go to Lacuna Coil. And Renee and Kait were gone with my Mam in Spain. Dylan was staying with us. And I went to Dr O'Doherty's office...and he offered me an independent study in exchange for sex. I refused. And he knocked me over. Said I owed him because I shoved him away and hurt him. He held me down by my hair. And he kneed me in the side. And took what he wanted and god it hurt. And I didn't tell anyone until the 17th. And only then because Peter figured it out. Because he didn't stop. Peter never stopped.

And I wrote this And I went crazy and kept trying to scare O'Doherty because he had an alibi, you know? They wouldn't arrest him. And Peter was like...my rock. He was the only person I trusted. and it's little wonder why. And then I went to the bastard's house, staged another rape, got him arrested, soul-sucked Peter, and fled to New York. (with Jude. Dammit.)

And Peter followed me. I soul-sucked him (and uhm...threatened his daughter...heh) and he followed me. And I asked Spectre to be with me on the 13th in case Peter was still sick but...I didn't think he'd be DEAD. And he can't follow me anymore. If I ran off to New York...who would save me now?
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