September 30th, 2007

Eat men like air

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My Mam is back and she's just so darn cute. She's been ringing Moira's mother, Nora, regularly too, just to check up on how the baby is, and I was like "Mam, you're going to freak her out" but she said that it's quite the opposite actually, Nora has taken to ringing HER as well and I think that's really sweet. It makes me glad that they can get along like that and Moira will have both of them in her life. She's my sister, after all, so I have to look out for her!

OH MY GOD, I'M GETTING A SISTER! (So what if I already have Erin, she's a cunt)

Bandy things are good, though I can't talk about them. But they're good! And so is everything else.

OH and yesterday, we rang up some Chinese censors and offended them with sex noises. But they need to learn, okay! Or...possibly we pushed the cause back 20 years, but we had fun doing it! The idea was to show what is offensive and not offensive, but who knows what translates over phone lines.

Ahem. to bask in the Sunday sunlight with my pup pup because she needs a park walk. :D

I am in SUCH a good place right now. And I don't even have any creepy professors this year! Almost all of them are female. Feel my relief.
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