September 19th, 2007

Dance the Ghost with Me

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Anyone want a Mam? She's for sale. CHEAP! Yes, I just called my mam cheap, but come on, who's going to argue? Besides Finian? Who is SO CUTE by the way with his "I get to buy baby booties LOOK HOW SMALL THEY ARE DEIRDRE, THEY'RE FOR A TINY PERSON!" and then I called Dylan a tiny person and he hit me. He hits hard for a tiny person! There's babies everywhere, yo. And one of the lives with me and he is SO CUTE OMG! He yawns in the morning and I just want to PINCH HIS CHEEKS OFF! I uh...won't. And I got him blue maracas the other day because rattles are boring (OLE!) and so far they're too heavy for him, but he likes the sound when I shake his maracas!

SHE IS RINGING ME AGAIN! So I turned off my purple phone. You know...I love the Black Books theme song, but it's my ring tone and I'm starting to dread it. OH MY GOD I SHOULD DOWNLOAD THE WIRE IN THE BLOOD THEME SONG! KHDIOAGDIA!!

Anyway...I don't actually have anything to say, I'm just avoiding Caitlin. She's gone mad with the weddings. O-Week is crapola because I did it all last year, just in a different faculty (David was SO CUTE TOO) and now I'm in the Psychology building which is all sleek and less artsy. I miss the theatre, but I like...own one, so it's all good. (Co-own. David owns half. See, I remember!)
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