September 16th, 2007

Ophelia, Opheliac

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Wedding fucking frenzy because IT'S ALL HAPPENING on the 22nd! And guess what happened yesterday in the middle of madness? My Mam and Finian got a call from the adoption agency. There's a woman who is seven months pregnant and the couple that were going to adopt her baby pulled out at the last second (WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?) and she chose their file! And Finian is driving up there next week to bring her back here so she can come to the wedding and get to know the family and everything. Isn't that gorgeous?! She's seventeen and she's having a little girl. She wants to be part of her daughter's life but doesn't feel like she can raise her. She's from Ireland too, and she wanted an Irish family. Why she wanted an Irish family in LONDON is beyond me, but I think she likes the idea that Mam is a well-known photographer. And anyway, Mam will make her feel as welcome as anything because she's good at that. This is wonderful. The woman's name is Nora and she wants her daughter to be named Moira. Which made Mam squeal because she loves that name. Honestly? After the social worker gave Mam Nora's number, they talked for like...5 hours. Good for them. It makes all the shite stuff kinda fade away for the moment.

In other news? My bridesmaid dress is fucking GOLD. And I mean literally and not the figure of speech 'gold'. And Caitlin is getting all this souvenir crap. I DO NOT WANT A BUBBLE BLOWER WITH YOUR NAME ON IT, MAM! And napkins and keyrings and bells and she's having giftbags, though THOSE actually have nice stuff in them. But seriously? I think she thinks she's a queen or something! She's so amusing. Ah well, if she wants to spend her hard earned money on bells with heads on, that's her business, I suppose. I think she invited all of London. No. Really. She's rented out this huge fucking hall and they're going to start decorating it two days beforehand to be able to get everything done in time.

My mother? Insane. But you know what? I kind of love her.
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