September 8th, 2007

Best Safety Lies in Fear

Filtered to Dylan, Evanna, Spectre, Tasha, Peter, Aly, Ry, David, Slink, Abby and Thomas

To my family (because that is what you are),


Killing people is wrong, right? But I'm a demon (Hi, Dyllie, I have something to tell you) and it's in my blood? Right? At least that's what SHE thinks. Del hated me because I was a demon. It didn't matter what I did, she just hated me anyway. She took one of my best friends away and even though Pierre was still my friend, it wasn't the SAME. Well he's here now. I got what I wanted. Pierre back. But GOD I wish it hadn't happened. I KNEW she was going to do this. I fucking KNEW it. When he said he was moving out, I told him he could leave his stuff here because it wouldn't all fit in Del's room. But it was really so he would have it to come home to. And now he has. God damn you, Delilah. She shouldn't have left. She has a KID. I could deal with Pierre being far away if it meant he wasn't crushed like this. Piss piss piss. And now there's a baby in my house. I like it though. I love Matthew. It's nice. But I wish it hadn't happened.

And Emilio was drugged. Drugged and he woke up in some guy's bed and he doesn't know how to react and neither do I because he's Kait and Renee and Pierre's friend, not mine. Well he IS mine but not...okay you know what I mean. But I know what he's going through. Kind of. And I want to be there for him. And I feel sick to my stomach. And disgusted. Poor Emilio. Poor Pierre. Poor EVERYONE.

And I want to kill those people who hurt my friends. But then I'd be proving Del right. And like FUCK if I'm doing that. No fucking way. I'm proving her wrong. And she's not even fucking here to SEE it. Not that she would anyway.
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