August 6th, 2007

Mad Girl

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Darkroom=ACCOMPLISHED!! I'm so excited!! Not that I am going to use it because why would I want to develop all those pictures I took of my own thumb...damn photography skills skipping generations...but now my Kaitie and my Renee have a place to develop their pictures. It can be their always was, so I hear. And now they have a place to share. I think it's sweet :D (I bet you they're so going to sex it up in there!!)

Speaking of sexing it up, Renee and I sexed it up in Peter's sauna hehehhhehheheheee! And then we went upstairs and he fed us ice cream and his ears turned red. He's so cute! We turned poor Gavin's ears red too. I think we do that a lot...

Movie night again this week? I like them. They make me happy. AND I have a new throw rug, sofa and curtains thanks to the stylings of Adrian 'Spectre' Mors. And needing them really you must all come and break them in!! And the projector!! OMG...we could watch WIRE IN THE BLOOD!! And I could bake carrot cake just because....and cinnamon rolls!! AND VIOLET PUDDING OMG!

Somebody stop me!
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