August 3rd, 2007

Dance the Ghost with Me

To Those in the Know

So...yesterday I died. And that was a bit of a bummer, honestly. But I'm okay now! Even if I never will get the damn bloodstains out of my throw rug and now need a new one. I'll just put a slipcover on the'll be fine...

So yeah, demon. Dorian's dead twin brother living in some girl's head demon. I'm supposed to like...exorcise this bitch, but she stabbed me which makes me less HAPPY about seeing her again to help her hostage demonic spirit. But we do what we must. I know what she looks like now. Sort of boring. How nice am I? She stabbed me in the stomach so whatever. Next time I go to find her, I'm taking people with me. I was dumb to go alone, but honestly, I was just following her, I didn't even DO anything and she got stab happy. Which means she's dangerous. I could have been anyone! she knew I was a demon because...feelsies. But still, I could have been ANY demon! Just minding my own business and BAM! Stomach wound.

I'll stop talking about it now. But it was fascinating. I bled black, which you just KNOW isn't good.
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