July 26th, 2007

Sunlight through Blinds

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Dylan has been out of school for under a week and he's still all "I'm BORED, Deirdre, you are dreadfully dull, think of something to occupy my brilliant mind lalalalala." I'd send him home, but no one deserves Grandmother Pestilence! She's still there. One good thing though? She talked my mother out of the Ivory Dress from the Depths of Hell. Oh thank you. She also said I am not allowed to wear pink. So okay, she has 2 points in her favour now. I hope she continues to either be nice to me, or provide appropriate fashion sense so she can get more.

Anyway...RHS is TOMORROW...well Saturday essentially, but I'm not going to sleep before it after tonight so it's tomorrow. Gooooodddddd freaking out! IT WILL BE AWESOME! *bounces*

I keep wanting cars. Because they're pretty. The next time I mention that I want a car, can someone remind me what happens half the time I walk down the stairs? Because ending up on my arse is much different if I happened to be behind the wheel of a car. I am not careful. I should not operate heavy machinery. That goes for cranes, cement mixers, and for some reason...any kind of iPod. I know. Not heavy machinery, but they tend to fall apart in my hands. iRiver for the WIN!
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