July 15th, 2007

Dance the Ghost with Me

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Opening night was successful! My opening night, everyone else had already opened...anyway...it was good. And SOON (two weeks) Rocky Horror does it's first showing Saturday and Sunday. Of course then it shows every other weekend, but it will be awesome!

The downstairs darkroom in the library is coming along well. Almost done! My mam is ordering things for it because I just have no idea and I want it to be state of the art...thing. So she's doing that. Better than just ordering all the most expensive things like I did in the basement studio... And yesterday I decided I'm going to make the attic above our room into a little sitting area just for me and my girls as well. It's big enough to hold a couple couches and things when I clear everything out. It could be a nice place to escape to! And it even has a window, yo. And a ghost, but he'll just have to share, won't he?!

I had a dream that I refused to clean (uh...NO) and Jinx and Evey were following me around begging me to do it. Why? I don't know. I never even have to be asked. I have to be asked NOT to! Dreams are weird.

EF getting together was fun. Matthew has the CUTEST FACE OMG! And it was nice just to be a band again. Anyway...now that I'm feeling better, I was thinking about having another movie night where I won't check out emotionally. Next week on Wednesday or Thursday. Anyone can come. I'll make pizza again! I have this great new recipe with pesto...er...anyway, let me know.
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