June 18th, 2007

Ophelia, Opheliac

Filtered to Gracelin, David, Renee and Ry

Gracelin? So we have Much Ado About Nothing going on right now, which is starting in...hmm...two weeks. And the understudy for Hero is...horrifying. Would you be willing to step in to the role, short notice? Normally I would never insult you with an understudy role, because you're fantastic, but I'm going to be gone opening weekend touring and she cannot DO IT. You can. You'd have to learn fast, but I know you can do that too.

Interested? I'd be 'gone' often, so you could perform more if that would make it more worth your while! And you'd get to do opening weekend?!


I left this open to David and Ry too, as they're the directors. And Renee who's playing Beatrice.
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