May 10th, 2007

Blue earrings suggestive

Friends Only

Renee and I totally cavorted last night in Peter's pool hee hee! And then in the hot tub!! Whooo! And then I woke up at 5 am and finished my paper that isn't due until next Friday, but I wanted it DONE. Now I have nothing left but to attend classes. Which I did! Afterwards I came home and talked to Aly for a really long time. She's awesome. I couldn't talk to my mam about ANYTHING that I talked to Aly about. Life stuff. And she actually listened instead of telling me I shouldn't slouch or that she wants to take a photo of me and don't move that pose is perfect. (I was, ironically, slouching...) It was nice just to talk to a mum you know. And I mean one that actually cares instead of pretending to, but then only really being selfish. Yeah. And I'm not talking about Caitlin there. With her, I think she thinks talking about herself IS bonding with me...

ANYway, my mam is fun right now anyway because she's getting married so she keeps talking about weddings. And Finian walks around looking like this was SO not what he signed up for. Get used to it, Buddy! She keeps telling me I should speak to Isabelle for her because they're both getting married and they can be girly together. Isa, she said she'd pay you to be her phtographer if you'd do that for her. She loves your pictures. Don't ask me a date though. She's too scrambled to know that yet. She did ask me to be her maid of honour. Instead of Aunt Marilyn!! Wheehaw!!
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