May 4th, 2007

The Ability to render grown men, Lady in Red

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OMG....July 20: UK - London (Camden), Underworld. THAT is where Emilie Autumn is going to be on July 20th. HERE! *BOUNCES* Site COME WITH ME!

Peter went to see Aly this morning so Liz and I stayed with baby Thomas. I can totally do babies now. Wheee! Also, rehearsals are going well. I'm Hero and Renee is Beatrice so it's really fun :D Besides, seeing Ry play the Benedick to her Beatrice is SO worth the price of admission. AS IS DAVID'S DOGBERRY OMG! You have to see it to believe it but holy shite he had us all on the ground rolling with laughter last night! It's a good place to be, that theatre is :D And Morgana's all set making costumes and the sets are already going up. I love that theatre, dude. And Shawn watches rehearsal with this HUGE grin on his face. It rocks. I think he'd fanboy David for like...breathing though ;)

Anyway, I'm staying here a few more days because Aly still isn't home, but we'll be at home on Sunday for Renee's party, and then back here again.
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