April 25th, 2007

Some Little Girl


Babies. *shudders*

They're gonna be goddamned everywhere....

Peter's house, Eden Court house, two at the loft apartment, David's house, well...Svetlana's house..but that one also at Peter's house and my PARENT'S HOUSE!

I'll have to move in to the theatre. I can live in the fucking catwalks.
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Dance the Ghost with Me

Friends Only

Saw Kat's babies today! She tried to get me to hold them and I ran into the hallway.

Babies are fragile and I break things...

ANYWAY, tryouts for Much Ado are over and casting's going up tomorrow WHEEEE! And Morgana is going to come onboard and help design costumes which will be good since the old costume designer is just that. Old. She's like 79. She keeps stabbing herself with the sewing needle and then saying "what did you say dear...oh I...I seem to have attached myself to this dress, pardon me..."


So yeah, she's cutting back to part time. She was quite glad to hear she's getting someone to help. Even though I had to tell her 56 times before she did hear. I shouldn't make fun, her costumes are AMAZING, it's just that sometimes they have blood on.

My first year of Uni is almost over. WTF? Didn't it like...JUST start? And now there's like a month left. That's really beyond weird. I'm going to be glad to say good riddance to this year though, oh yes I am. And hello to a whole new department next year. Though I think I've made the psychology department nervous. It's not like I CAUSED any of those scandals kthx. They just sort of happened around me!!

Ahem. Anyway...I'm making gyros tonight after I drop by Kat's. Because Greek food pwns. If anyone wants some, feel free to come over!

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