April 22nd, 2007

Dance the Ghost with Me

Friends Only

WELL! WHAT A DAY! So. My dad is back. He's all...not in a mental institution anymore. (Oh yeah HEY by the way, my dad was a loon) And he's all sane and shiny. WTF. He was like...smiling and shit. And not once did he address a bush or yell at any inanimate ojects. That's just plain crazy! Or...well you get what I mean.

He gave me his phone number and half of me wants to flush it down the damned toilet. The other half wants to 'lose' it and wait for HIM to call. Notice none of me wants to call him?

Okay so my mam and Finn and Dylan were coming over for dinner and they saw him too. And then he left and we ate dinner and my mam proceeded to get exceptionally drunk so now she's passed out on my sofa in the guest room. WHAT FUN! I HAVE THE BEST PARENTS LOL!1!!1 :| Finian is making me 'calm the crap down' tea and Dylan is running around making sure the house is 'fortified'. Meanwhile, Rosa and Lavannah are watching all of us and I'm convinced they both think I'm crazy.

And maybe I am, who knows! I wish we had a sandbox so I could bury my head in it.
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