April 15th, 2007

Breaking Bread with Demons

To Those in the Know

It seems like the way we define ourselves is always in motion. If you asked me two days ago who the evilest person I knew was, I would have had a few people's parents in mind. That's all changed now. I didn't see what happened to Amanda, I heard it. But I saw the aftermath. And it disgusts me. And hello...I am a demon. I'm supposed to be like "Violence, whee!" but ugh. That Bishop is the evilest. And he's human. Someone that hurts an innocent girl for nothing? And not only that, but he hurt Nancy and Scarlett. He killed Robert. He hurt Peter and Sharna and those other people we rescued and God knows who else. Not to mention everyone that loved those people and worried about them. I was so angry last night because of what I saw. I mean, Peter told me about it. And I saw what they did to him. He was so broken after being in that place, but I didn't see you know. But last night I saw and I felt helpless.

Today my friend did something amazing and I realised we're never helpless. Peter put something in motion because he's incredible and I'm going to help too. I've been studying theatre at Uni, but now my favourite professor is gone and I OWN a damn theatre. I don't need to study it to get a job acting anymore. I'm going to study psychology instead. I always got top marks on it in secondary school. And when I get my degree, I'm going to work in Peter's hospital helping people like me. And I know it means I'm going to have to redo a year, but that's okay with me. I would never consider this year wasted. I loved my classes...well..okay most of them. And I learned a lot. Some of it I wish I hadn't, specifically Dr. O'Doherty's lesson, but I still learned from it. I learned that I am stronger than some dickhead with a boner. It's part of what makes me me. And this me is going to do something about these arseholes just like Peter is. They didn't take me, but they took people I loved. So I'm fighting back too. I'm going to help Peter keep these people away from those arsehole priests. I'm going to help demons understand what they are. I'm going to help anyone I can.

This is Deirdre's version of grabbing her crotch and saying 'Suck on this'.

I like it.
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