April 5th, 2007


Filtered to Ry and then David

Okay....this is taking guts.

Ryface? Uhm...you know how you said you wanted to direct the other day and I said no? Well I made the right decision but it was still bothering me and so...I looked up courses for directors accreditation and they have some over the summer. You could go and deal with their bullshite for a few weeks and then be qualified to direct in a professional theatre. Because I hired David to be our director, but he's an actor person mostly. And he needs to do the directing because it's more money, but then I thought, why not have TWO directors that switch off so one show they direct and the next they're a cast member so...if you assitant directed with David this time just to get the hang of it (and then you could still be in the cast) and then took the course this summer I see no reason why you and David couldn't BOTH be the directors and be switchy. It'd make David happier and I think you'd be good at it and it'd keep burnout lower because directing's a harsh gig and we onlt take a few days break between shows and...

ANYWAY..rambly. Uhm...if you want...you can do that. If you can handle me being your boss...heh.

EDIT: David looky.
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Cute hi!

To Those in the Know


I'm in an internet cafe in YORK! I made Thomas stop because I was so hungry if I didn't eat, I was going to eat HIM and he's all "been there" and I so didn't want to know so he was nice enough to stop. We've been driving since like...5 am. But we were singing songs! Well I was singing. Thomas warbles. But he can DANCE! Just not in the car.

I'm stalling 'cause I don't want to get in the car again and I think 3 waitresses are currently chatting Thomas up. They keep bringing him extra chips HAHAHHAHAH! He told them I was his sister. Freak. Though I was rather pleased when he said that :D THOMAS THINKS OF ME AS A SISTER!

Ahem. Anyway...on to...Somewherenotevil, Scotland.
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