April 3rd, 2007

Golden, All Curled Up

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I feel like Thomas and I just ran all over England. At least we seemed to get somewhere. In style, yo. And then I went to see my Kaitie this afternoon before going in a taxi (OMG) to pick up Lavannah from the airport. I've been up since 5 am Monday morning. Thank god there's no Uni this week not that it would matter considering I did my project for Morgana and Professor Gardener is so inept at teaching David's class that it makes me want to cry. Actually I DID cry, but at least I did it here and not IN class because he's like 90 and I don't want to sob "I'M CRYING BECAUSE DAVID LEFT US AND YOU SUCK" to his face. He might have a heart attack and die. And then we'd get some OTHER incompetent arsehole...

I should just stop talking. I'm worried and rambly. And Lavannah just ate 12 tacos, I watched her do it. That girl eats more than I do, where the HELL does she put it?! I think only Rosa and Pierre can beat Lavannah at eating!

I think Lavannah should live here. No doubt Dennis would...I was going to say die of happiness, but he's dead. Ghost of happiness.

Thomas and William are staying here and it's far too adorable for words. I'm expecting to find booby traps in my kitchen any minute now.
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