February 25th, 2007

Quasi Evil

Filtered to Spectre

Spectre? With all due respect, what do you do to your music that makes people get addicted to it? And I'm not being fangirly here, I mean really. Pierre's having a hell of a drug-like reaction to not being able to play with you anymore.
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Sunlight through Blinds

Open to Pierre, Peter, Kait, Tamm and Renee

Pierre? This is opened to Renee, Peter, Kait and Tamm, just so you know.

I spoke with Spectre. He puts good feelings into his music. THAT'S what's been happening. Good feelings=addiction. Like a euphoric high from a drug. He can do it because he's an angel. I don't think he wants that getting around so just...shh about it. But yes...that's what happened, Pierre. You were exposed to his happy Mc happy waves and...liked them.

Tamm, Kaitie? Have you experienced anything odd? I think Kat's clear and she says Alessa seems unaffected. By that anyway. Just...if you're going to listen to Spectre's music...be CAREFUL.

The important thing to remember...he didn't do this on purpose. He was trying to help, not get people addicted. He really had NO idea.
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