February 18th, 2007


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Last night's show was awesome! My mam, Dylan, Evey and Finian were there! And THERE'S A REVIEW OF ME IN THE TIMES!! It said my 'voice fills the Athaneum Theatre' comparing me to an opera singer.... and I 'possess the character of Velma Kelly leaving the audience spellbound'. It says even when Velma is being a rat, the audience can't help but love her. It praises 'The Cellblock Tango' and 'Nowadays' which they stated was a duet of perfection. MUAHAHHHA I AM A DUET OF PERFECTION! Well, Diana and I are. Diana Lane is Miss Roxie Hart and she's Perfect with a capital P.


And now I'm going to visit Peter and David YAYS
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Melissa and Deirdre, Melissa and Deirdre sad


Vince is Melissa's you whore.

I never saw Vince as someone who would just move on so quickly. Arsehole.

Or maybe I'm really just mad at myself...because she's gone and I'm...I'm okay.
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