February 4th, 2007

Sweet, Glossy Gorgeous

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So, David, I spoke to Shawn and he's all....giddy with excitedness. You're good. He said Monday's fine. Actually he said TODAY was fine and I had to explain that it's Sunday. Dork. But he's going to ring you (and may have already for all I know) I also spoke with Kali and she's all gung ho. All 4'11" of her!

So the other thing I spoke to Shawn about? My agent rang me. There's a theatre in the West End that needs someone to step in to the role of Velma Kelly in Chicago! And he recommended me! I know the songs and...I could learn the dances! It's only for the last few weeks of the run. Their Velma got knocked up and the understudy doesn't want to do it. LOOK AT ME, I'M CATHERINE ZETA-JONES ZOMG!! I'm so happy! I get to sing and act YAY! And Shawn says the experience of another theatre will be a good thing to bring back when I'm finished. So hey, I'm glad I didn't do Medea!! I have to go meet with the people this afternoon. SO NERVOUS! I'll kick arse though. I can SO play manipulative and evil and sexy and VELMA.

Also, speaking of knocked up, my Mam is going to a fertility clinic. Help me. Help MEEEEE.
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