January 31st, 2007

Your Devils

Filtered to Renee, Pierre, David, Kait, Peter, Tasha, Slink, Ry, Evey, Scarlett, Nancy





So...I did a stupid thing. I went to go see him. You know...to see what he was up to. It turns out he's mentally torturing vampires! Yeah! Mia! Fantastic. Oh and me too. That fucker violated my mind! David, he knew things he couldn't possibly know. He knew about my father. He knew about Svetlana...I only realised later...I think he knows everything. David...I think he saw..what I showed you. The things he said about O'Doherty...I think he saw it. THAT'S NOT HIS TO SEE!! Oh god...eugh. It makes me feel dirty all over again.

He's bad. Really really bad. We have to stop him and I mean...NOW. He thinks it's his quest to kill people. That David didn't understand the 'responsibility of being an angel' Whatever, fruitcake, he's the best angel I've ever seen so KISS MY ARSE! He actually saved people. Me. The responsibility of being an angel isn't to kill people!!!!


Also I may have sucked his soul and left him lying across the desk unconscious but see, not evil so there...
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Just breathe

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Ahem. So one long bondage game with Renee and I'm better now. Everything's ALLLLLLLL okay.


Normal life things. Okay. Mam's interviewing me for the article between classes this afternoon. Oh....OH and she's going to a...pregnancy clinicy place! She wants to get knocked up! I hope she's not just using Finian for his amazing genes and his manseed. Filthy woman.

At least she's not sniffing after Peter's boxers anymore. That's a relief! Probably more to Peter than it is to me even.

I'm feeling restless. It's bad. I'm all itchy. Someone give me something to DO.
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