January 27th, 2007

Ophelia, Opheliac

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Sattuurrdaayyyy I love yoouuuu! Peter's home and the flour is cleaned and much sex was had!

And I have no classes to be all bored in (except David's which is NEVER BORING) and I don't have to be at the theatre until late! My mam and Emma met Shawn. It was hilarious. He kept making them laugh and being really charming. He's quite an amazing gentlemen when he's not all "Get in your places okay go and don't suck this time kthxbye!" Okay he's never actually said THAT he's just a perfectionist.

I feel like I'm finally not completely overcompensating for things. I feel okay. Not...completely overly thrilled and I'll always miss my Liss. But life can be okay. It can be good. Fantastic. I can move on. If I haven't learned how to by now...I really never will.

And moving on is something I will very much need to know how to do.

Wait, cheerful. Uhm...okay....CAKE! I'll have to get more flour though, Eeeeiiiiii!
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