January 24th, 2007


Friends Only

My doggy's name is Sylvia. After Sylvia Plath because Renee is a poetry lady and on our first 'date' she read Slyvia poems at Dante's. Except we so weren't actually dating, but in my mind (and dreams...ahem) we so were.

Also...I talked to Michael. He needed to know about Melissa. And now he does. And he knows I have two girlfriends. And he knows my father's in the looneybin in Dublin. And and and. And he doesn't hate me for screwing him and then not wanting a relationship (I might have been a tad messed up...) and it's weird and awkward because..hello, he's seen my hoohoo. He was the first one to see my hoohoo... But it was okay.

I missed him.

Funeral tomorrow. And Peter's leaving. I can do this I can do this.
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Quasi Evil

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Uhm. So there was a funeral. Over now. Then there was hiding in David's office. His coat smells nice and stuff. And he's wonderful.

And then I got home.

SYLVIA PEED IN GLITTERBUTT PONY BAG! Slyvia is SO in the doghouse. But I forgive her because she smiled at me. Shut up, it so happened. Puppies can smile.
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