December 28th, 2006

Cute smiles

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OMG VIENNA IN LIKE...ONLY A LITTLE FEW DAYS!! BALLGOWNS! MY SEXY GIRLS IN BALLGOWNS!! And I am So stuffing my face full of sachertorte. Not sacher torte. THE REAL ONE, BABY!! Which is easy enough if you're staying in the presidential suite of Hotel Sacher!! I AM SO EXCITED *bounce* And we're going to Melk and to watch the Lipanzzaners dance! Or practise, whatever. And we'll see the catacombs of Stephansdom. SKULLS! LOTS OF SKULLS! And Jean and Emilio are moving here!! That has nothing to do with Vienna, but everything to do with Deirdre's hyperness.

Also, Finian is awesome and he took Dylan to see this armoury collection and now Dylan won't shut up about it and it's brilliant!!

I'm happy. This is happy Deirdre. This is happily ignoring badbadthings so Deirdre can actually be happy Deirdre Deirdre!
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