December 23rd, 2006

Pink Sweater, Amber Waves

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Peter has cracked his head open like an EGG! Remind me never to faint around glass windows, m'kay?

Also, Emilio=awesome. Jean=Big Perv but also Awesome. He grabbed my girlfriend's arse! Renee's not Kait's. MmmmmReneeandKaitarse...

Anna was BRILLIANT in her dance recital. Way to go, Sweetheart. Tonight I am going to see Liss and Vince in The Nutcracker!! AGAIN!! Because it's the last night I think..? Either way, they rock as Clara and The Princy thingy guy....I don't know ballet. They dance together and it rocks! And I go :O! because wow I wish I could bend like that!! And THEN a certain someone has an audition to be a soloist in a certain ballet company GOOD LUCK VINCE!! WHO DOESNT' READ MY JOURNAL SO LISS WILL HAVE TO PASS IT ON TO HER MANCAKE!

My mother came over the other day. She asked me for advice on how to have a monogamous relationship. I might just shoot myself. She said "But Didi, what if he won't do certain things because I like it when they-" and luckily I yelled loud enough, that I didn't have to hear what she likes because OH DEAR LORD I DON'T WANT TO KNOW! But anyway, I think she wasn't to be with Finian by like...being with HIM and not others which she hasn't done since my father and she's like a male with her fear of committment and WHY did she ask ME for advice!

*cries in the corner*

MERRY CHRISTMAS SOON! OMG Peter's party tomorrow!! Oh Peter! I'm gonna be in ur kitchen cookin' ur turkeyz.
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