December 15th, 2006

Dance the Ghost with Me

Friends Only

Peter and some random woman have now saved my beautiful blonde cousin (Evey, not Duncan. Duncan's not beautiful even if he is blonde) from getting...well somethinged. Why are some people so hellbent on revenge that they lash out at innocent people?! Seriously, come after ME! Not that she can read this.

Anyway...Evanna is safe as houses. I never understood that phrase...

I booked plane tickets and hotel rooms for my girls and I in Vienna!! Ich liebe Wien!! We are going to have a FANTASTIC time!! I'm booking tickets for the State Opera and the Burgtheater tomorrow!! And we'll see the Spanish riding school and all sorts of stuff. Hey, girls?! Want to take a day trip to see Peter's old Abbey? We can say hello to Rolf! He's the abbot and I like him, even if he IS weird.

January is going to rock, as long as we can avoid the Fon! :D


Oh and Dylan met my mam's boyfriend. His name is Finian and Dylan LOVES him even though he totally got kicked out so they could shag. That was my mother's doing, not Finn's. Now I have to meet him and give him ye olde Hairy Eyeball. I hope he's as nice as Dylan says he is. Mam doesn't need another arsehole. Not after Liam AND Patrick. *sigh*

Lights pretty.
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