December 1st, 2006


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Last night was awesome. There are not other words for it. The girls took a pole dancing lesson for Aly's hens night. The lady that ran it explained that it's about feeling comfortable in your own body and loving yourself and your curves and everything about you. It doesn't have to be sensual or sexual it can be about self confidence as well. I really needed that. I haven't felt comfortable in my body since someone took that away from me. Last night was really good. And then we went clubbing and Peter and Aly danced and they are SO CUTE and then I danced with Peter because Aly was tired and I love him so much.

And I saw snogging. Naughty snoggers. :D!

I so love everything right now. And WEDDING TOMORROW!! Rehearsal dinner tonight and then I get to stay up all night cooking. IT'S LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE OMG!
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