November 23rd, 2006

Role in a Cage, Evil Black and White Sneaky

Friends Only

*sigh* Okay. Well there some good news and some bad news and this is SO not the day for it but blah. Ethan and Victoria are in the hospital. They'll be okay though, no need to freakout majorly. Mia found them and I am going to KICK the arse of the person who gave her the address. Well..someone will. I'll watch.

Yes. I know who it is.

But she's taken care of. Mia, not the stupid address giving girl. She'll be taken care of later today by someone that won't resort to violence, but she'll get what's coming to her. And Mia's all...taken care of.

I can't talk about anything else that happened yet. I have a funeral to get to.
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D is for Deirdre

Friends Only

Random Thought for the Day: I think Pierre's parents want to take Thomas home with them as a pet. And really, who can blame them. No one lays the charm on like he does.

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Deliver from sadness

To Those in the Know

Okay. I think I can do it now. Thomas, Peter and Pierre cheered me up.

Last night I recieved a missed call from Ethan and I knew that meant he was in trouble. Mia the demon is his sister and they'd been in hiding...I got the address from David and went over there. Mia had already hurt both of them and she'd soaked them in fucking petrol. I had already put Dorian the vampire somewhere and so I told Mia if she didn't kill Ethan and Victoria, I'd tell her where Dorian was. You see, I was supposed to be able to save him in time...but I wasn't thinking. I didn't want to leave Ethan and Victoria there alone right away and...augh. I told her and she threw the TV at the petrol and started a fire. I got Ethan and Victoria out of the house in time...Ethan's leg got a littl burned, but they're both okay.

I didn't get to Dorian in time. He was dead by the time I got there. But Mia...we had a fight. She cut my eye, but I managed to stop her and she's locked up now and in a bad state. She won't get out and hopefully the demon will leave her and we can have her hospitalised as soon as that happens.

When I got back to see Ethan, he told me he'd seen my wings. He knew there was something different about me and it was the same way Mia was different. He asked me not to tell him what it was. He said it was enough to know I was his friend and on his side. That meant...more than I can say.

But Dorian is dead and it's because I was dumb. He was my friend a long time ago. he got my my agent and showed me that I didn't have to be shy in front of a crowd. I know most people aren't going to be sad he's dead, but I can't be happy about it.

And uhm...that's that.

EDIT: Oh was Amaris that told Mia where to find Ethan and Victoria. She must have followed Daivd or Peter there once because of the journals...but yeah. It was her. Mia didn't kill her either. She 'forgot'.
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