November 14th, 2006

Drown in you

Filtered to Pierre


I'm sorry, Pierre. I'm really sorry that Del won't live here because I do. Goddamit. I-I've never wanted to leave my own home as much as I do right now. Just give it to you all so you can live and go somewhere on my own. I made that place for both of you and she won't be there because of me. Because of something I am that I can't help. I was born this way, I didn't ask for it. And I control it! You know...most of the time. I'm a good person. It makes it harder when people can't see past what I am. Really. I mean why should I try if people won't see past Demon. Is this how Kali feels? People don't see past her disease. Is this how people feel when they're discriminated against because their skin is a different colour? I get not trusting me completely, but not trusting me at all? Am I ever going to be able to SEE your child? You're one of my best friends and I thought...I just-

I wish people didn't know.

It's not all I am. It's not. THIS is why we shouldn't tell everyone, goddammit.
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