November 13th, 2006

Ophelia, Opheliac

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Guess who's NOT going to prison!? THAT'S RIGHT IT'S ME!! The judge just scolded me like the silly little girl I am and sent me on my merry way several thousand pounds poorer. Peter kept trying to pay it but I told him I needed to do it. My punishment, my...thingamy. SO kiddies...leaving scene of crime=bad and expensive. Taking responsibility for your accidents=good and cheaper and it means Peter doesn't have to go to jail for days.

Deirdre=SO FUCKING HAPPY! And also finally going home. Oh Vic Lane. How I have missed you.

Though now I don't get to give Renee sex in Peter's bed anymore. Damn.

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Dance the Ghost with Me

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I ams too druninsk to coiok thre foods! I;ll bloew thrings up!! somEnone make FROODS! PIREEERSE...whoa...PIERREE WILL BE HUNGRARY!
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