November 12th, 2006

Dance the Ghost with Me

Filtered to those in the know except Ry

So everyone I live with knows the truth about me now. I have to say it's a goddamn relief. It's not a good secret to have. Not from people close to you. But really, how DO you go up to someone and say "By the way, I'm a demon and I'll be your landlady. Don't worry, I won't harm you, but these are my pretty pretty wings of awesomeness"

That doesn't sound like the best real estate ad ever.

Though "Demon protector" might sell a few rooms these days. I know it makes Peter feel better when I stay at his house. Not that I think I'm a protector. But a demon in the house tends to keep nasties away.

I'm just blahblahblahing because I'm nervous about tomorrow. I know it will be okay. I know it will because it's just that I left the scene of a crime. I did to Edward Whittinger what I SHOULD have done to Richard O'Doherty, but it ended badly. Not the way I wanted. Bloody vampires.

Speaking of vampires that are currently bloody (or have recently been...) I need to go see a certain Hamlet who is still in Peter's shed and not fucking happy about it.

Stupid bloody world.
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