October 22nd, 2006


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hard to type because moving arms hurts but its better than sitting here bored out of my mind and stuff. im a mummy now. mummy deirdre. and i dont mean i have kids because yikes. no i look like a horror movie mummy all wrapped in bandages and stuff. and peter saw me naked. i think everyone saw me naked. i hope david didn't see me naked...

notice that is what i am worried about and not the whole...bath incident. im so stupid. but i found a card i wrote to my renee today. and i decided i want to live. even if im horribly scarred the rest of my life. renee and kait will still love me.

and david im really sorry. i didn't mean to...it was because of the thing the other day and i didnt mean anything i said or did. im so so sorry.
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Dance the Ghost with Me

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look at me update twice in one day. i have the best friends. and i guess maybe sometimes the worst things have to happen before things can get better. pierre came to see me and i thought hed been avoiding me but he hadnt he thought i needed the space. we talked and talked and everything seems so much better now. i mean things still hurt but i know theres always someone to talk to when it does.

see slink im all okay. i even cooked and fed people again! it felt really nice. we had dinner and peter drank his weight in water. i think pierre ate his weight in hokkien noodles but to be fair i havent been cooking and i have no idea whats been happening in my kitchen lately though maybe not much is the answer. anyway...im feeling more normal and i love people and i see the light at the end of the tunnel.

and i made caramel corn!
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